Check Out The Hunter Sisters! Featuring The Latest Edition Muni Hunter!

Ah, yes! She’s the tomboy of the family; a little wide at the bottom but full of torque and traction. With enough gas this baby will climb a tree. She sports a 29" Hunter frame, Large Marge 65mm wide rim, Gazzoladdi 3.0 tire, UDC extra wide hub, 170mm Odyssey Black Widow cranks, Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals and KH Fusion Freeride saddle. Muni Hunter is all dolled up for the upcomming “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” 24-hour race in Toronto next month.

Muni Hunter joins her tall and slender sister, who’ve you met before, Road Hunter who is sporting her new T7 handle bar.

Here, in a rare photo op, are the Hunter sisters hanging out together. So much poise and beauty is rarely seen in one place.

beautiful, just beautiful

Those are beauties! Have you done much riding with the Large Marge? Mine just came yesterday, and is sitting raw in my room waiting to get put on. I still am waitin for the spokes to come. I cant wait. Ill post mine when I get it up.

But yeah, those uni’s are nice! I love Hunter frame Muni’s for some reason. They look so tuff!

I’d tap that.

lol…I’d ride it all night!

Yesterday evening I took her for a test ride. I was amazed at two things: 1.) how unbelievable this uni handles the trails and 2.) how out of shape I am.

For some time now I’ve been riding either my 20" trials or my 36" for Muni. I didn’t know what I was missing. The 26" Large Marge and Gazzoladdi combo is very impressive. Using 170 mm cranks I was riding trails and obstacles I never dreamed possible. At one point in my ride I had so much torque and so much traction that the unicycle lunged out from under me and flew about 6 feet into the air. Fortunately I was able to catch it before it hit the ground. I thought I loved Muni before but now it’s a whole new sport.

oh yeah, it’s another world if you acually use a Muni for Muni. I lauph when people say they use their Trials Uni’s. You dont know what ur missing!

I still didn’t get my spokes! What’s taking so long? It’s been over a week! I emailed them 2 days ago…and still no reply back! I have a confirmation E-mail saying that I purchased the spokes, and some other email saying that. But It says a seperate E-mail will be given to you with all the shipping info and what not. I still didn’t get it…it’s been a long time now. Im getting worried.

Bad new about your spokes, sorry :(. My LBS had exactly the spokes I needed so I didn’t have to wait.


Is that a 26 inch rim on the smaller uni with a 29" Hunter frame? It looks really good. I had wondered about such an option but was told it would not be appealing–your’s most certainly is!


im sooo jealous of your setups.

Yes, I chose the 29" rim for several reasons. One of them is that I didn’t think the 26" frame would provide enough clearance for the wheel/tire setup I’m running. After speaking with Rick Hunter and Hunter Cycles I learned that the difference in clearance between the 26" and the 29" is only 1/2". After several rides I’m very pleased with the results. Thus far all the debris that gets caught up between the tire and the frame has freed itself without my having to stop. I don’t think the same would be true had I gone with the 26".

Hunter sisters, meet the Rowing brothers.
Wanna mud wrestle?



They look ace, it’d be a fun showdown!

OMFG made me laugh sooo hard!