Check out my 4 miles unicycle ride!! :DD


Nice ride, and great view!
How did you attached the poll to the frame? And what the purpose of the wire that you’re holding?
Ahhh yes, and What about a special phone cradle? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing,

I’m also curious about this.

Thanks alot! :smiley: And the whole attachment between the poll and the frame is really hard to explain, because it was kind of hard to make… I used some wood planks, and and made “a second cycle fork”, and I connected it with the real fork. The GoPro was placed on a plastic tube that was connected to the home-made “fork”… It was not a brilliant solution, but it worked. You would just have to be creative if you want to make something like that… :slight_smile: When I started cycling, the whole camera pole went up and down as i tried to balance, and it shaked alot. To keep it from shaking that much, I secured the pole with some kind of rubber rope… It worked okay, and it didn’t shake that much… Until the rubber rope started to fall apart while I was filming the ride… Then I had to hold the rope by hand all the way to the top - I wouldn’t stop and fix it, cause of the on-going filming… At the top i fixed it though… :stuck_out_tongue: And that phone scene was just my Samsung phone falling out of my pocket, hitting the ground and falling apart… :wink: I hope you did get SOME answers, and thanks for replying! :smiley: