Cheap Uni

This was my first unicycle. It has been dropped, crashed, banged, ect. innumerable times, repainted twice, and sanded down twice.
The decals are no longer on: I took them off, but it was branded as a Nissan Unicorn. It was found at a goodwill. Originally a 24" it has been respoked with a 26" wheel that barely fits. Has a Kenda Hammer tire. When It was respoked, it was done in a strange, unorthodox pattern. Cranks are cottered, but have been replaced quite recently. The pedals are junk. The brake is off a cheap bike, and almost works. To mount the brake, holes have been drilled straight through the frame. The frame has tiny rust spots in some places. Also the “Aluminum Series” decals on the side are off a bike. (the frame is actually steel :thinking: )
Yes, I have the frame bolts and bearing housings; It was already disassembled, so i just stuck the frame on for the picture.
The seat is one of the older sliding models, and has been re-upholstered with two bike saddle covers, one of which was a gel seat. Looks terrible, but is comfy. Bearings in good shape. IS STILL RIDABLE :astonished: .
Cheap unicycle- $50 shipped to the USA. (not including Hawaii or Alaska)
Will ship anywhere else… for a price!:stuck_out_tongue:

CHEAP extras:
Spokes for 24" rim, painted black, paint chipping - free with purchase
24" rim, painted black, paint scratched in a few places - Take it if you want it.
extra inner tube 26" - $2
bag of nipples- mixed conditions, mostly junk - free w. purchase
24x1.95" CST mountain bike tire- $15 - ridden only 10 mi.
24x1.95" Kenda K-rad- $5- worn in one place

If shipped, unicycle will be packed in a sun Unicycles box - :smiley:

Material value of your franken-uni - $50

Symbolic value of a uni that shows creativity and determination to push your skills and existing equipment to their limit - priceless.

You should hang that uni on your wall - its truly cool and it shows the pioneering fringe spirit of our sport! **

** - except for the “aluminum series” stickers (not sure whats up with that :wink: )

I thought about keeping it on display. But I find cheap ways to mess with any unicycle I own. (spray paint, spoke patterns, spare parts from bikes) The reason I am selling this one is I ran out of things to do to it with the materials that I had. Thanks for your compliment about finding ways to do things. I grew up in Kentucky, so as I was growing up, I learned a lot of redneck make-do.
(perhaps it should be a Redneck uni instead:)). If someone had a large bin of random parts for a good price, I would probably buy it and spend the next year finding out what to do with everything.

There’s a kid Herbie looking for a cheap big wheel unicycle in the other part of the forum.

HA! - You’re me! I bought some nice uni stuff on sale this holiday season and almost felt embarrased at how shiny and stock it was. I have tons of parts lying around from 20 years of mountain biking - inevitably they make their way on to my unis.

These forums are filled with all sorts of redneck mods. I need to start a “best of” redneck uni mods thread in here. If I do you better post.

The pioneers of our sport all had unis that looked something like yours when they got muni started, so you’re part of a good tradition.

Anyway - Ill be quiet now and let you use the thread to sell your uni.

Awesome! I did not know that other people did “Redneck unicycles”.

In the meantime, I finally figured out something else to do with this unicycle.
I am going to go back to 24", ( will have went from 24" to 26" to 24") repaint the whole thing black (3rd time) after removing the decals, (2nd time) re-apply the decals, (2nd time) and add a wide duro tire that I have. (1st time) I might also redneck a handle onto the front. (haven’t tried anything like this yet.) :smiley:

This unicycle is no longer for sale… I am not finished with it yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks Casey - UR :sunglasses:

You should start that thread about redneck uni’s Casey. I would post a pic of my unicycle when I mess with it some more.:slight_smile: