Cheap or free uni in Durham NC area

Looking for a beater to learn on. Donate that old uni to a good cause!

I bit the bullet and ordered a Nimbus 24" MUni, so I no longer need a donor machine. Thanks to those who replied.

I’m surprised no one did actually!

I donated mine to a kid down the street to learn on. Plus i live across the pond or i would have been your donor…

Enjoy your new uni though mate! Good times ahead :slight_smile:

Durham NC is across the pond right?

Yes: Durham, North Carolina, USA. I guess I should have been clear about that. I think there’s a Durham on your side of the pond, too, right? I did get one PM with a uni for sale. I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic.

Yeah there’s a Durham up north from where i am.

Hey man…I just saw this thread

It would have been ideal for you :frowning: