Cheap Maxxis Hookworm? Cheaper equivalent tire?

I’d like to get a 24 x 2.5 Hookworm to put on my muni (plus shorter cranks) for when I start college this fall. I just want my unicycle to be fast to get around campus and the city, and also able to mess around on stair sets and stuff when I feel like it.

But $50.87 is way to much to spend on a tire. I could probably get cheaper then that at a local bike shop if I didn’t have to pay shipping, but I’d like to get it as cheap as possible.
Is there, by any chance, some place that happens to sell these super cheap or something?

Is there a similar 24" street tire that’s just as awesome, for less money?

I might also be willing to buy a used one off of someone if it’s in good shape…

My LBS got one for me for 40 bucks. I wouldn’t recommend them for muni though. I have a 24" that I used for muni, but this tire changed it from muni to commuting.

Yeah that’s what I want. When I do muni I’ll switch back to my Duro.

check a bike site with classifieds like I got 2 24" hookworms a couple years ago for $40.

Udc!!! $36 Or is it 50 with shipping?

Anything other than ‘round’ is not a good shape for a tyre :slight_smile:


(btw, I’ve got a 24" Hookworm on one of my unis. It’s a fantastic tyre, and rides really well, but it does need quite a bit of pressure to work properly)

take a look @ Universal cycles. They have a excellant selection of 24 inch tires. I’ve been running a 2.4 Maxxis Holy Roller with a heavy duty downhill tube. It’s beena fun combo rolls very fast. They also have the Hookworm for 30 sheckles.

I have a 24" Hookworm on my Nimbux X and really like it for getting around flat trails, and the occasional side-hop up curbs. Went with a muni style tire for a while, but when I went back to my Hookworm it was so much smoother.