Cheap ISIS 125 cranks for my 9yo son

Hi: I bought my 9yo a 24" with 150 cranks, but it’s a little too big for him. So looking for a bit shorter cranks. He’s light and still learning, so no need for moments etc. (but would consider at right price, of course).

Anyone have some cheap 125mm or so ISIS cranks that they’ve replaced and now have no use for?

I’ve got a pair of Qu-ax/Nimbus isis 125’s I’d like to get rid of. I bought a new Nimbus trials with Moments and these came along. I guess they must be the stock cranks. You can have them for $15+ shipping from Ontario. Brand new. Never been used or mounted. If you’re interested PM me.

They are the ones here:

That’s about what I was looking for.
PM sent.

Well, it didn’t work out with Quaxer because the international shipping cost almost as much as the cranks. So still looking. . . .

might be your best bet