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Check out the Combined Circus Arts:

Little Devils’ Juggling Co. (Juggling and circus skills training) PO Box 1577
228 Plenty Road Preston South Melbourne Vic 3072

Ph: (03) 9462 5195 Email: Web Site:

Re: Chat now open

The Combined Circus Arts site is very nice. Not to take anything away from it,
but I thought I should mention that there is also a chatroom devoted to yo-yos.

You can get to it eithe by java or by traditional IRC methods. For the java
version, go here and click on the “Chat” button:

While the java client is pretty good, a lot of people prefer using a full
program like mIRC for chat. If you’d like to do this, fill in your server box
with this address: (port 6667 as usual)

There is usually someone in the room nearly 24 hours, and there are several
operators who are there to keep things from getting out of hand.

Shawn =)

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