Champions in trials... has there ever been an Intercontinental champion?

watsup dudes? ive been wondering for a long time, has anyone in history ever won both the NAUCC trials comp in expert category to become North American champion and in the same year win the trials comp at FLUCK to become European champion? So they become number.1 in two continents making them an Intercontinental champion? Im curious as it is quite a feat to pull that off i think. Im wondering if kris or atkins has pulled this off yet. i know atkins won fluck this year, but what about naucc?

or they could win at unicon and be world champion.

I’m quite certain that Ryan has won every unicycle trials competition that he has entered in the last 4 years. Winning at Fluck doesn’t mean he is the European Champion, because you actually have to be from Europe to have that title. Ryan just had more points, in the same competition, than the European champion haha. So what you’re describing is impossible.


I’m pretty sure if you win at unicon you’re the world champ, plus, we all know ryan atkins is the frickin champ.


Peter M