Challenge Uni story

I’m enjoying all the stories so far. A lot of similar experiences that I have
had, too. Here’s some of my story:

Name: Dirk Iwema Age: 39 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA Occupation: Engineer
Married with 3 daughters

About 5 years ago I had this desire to learn how to juggle. (Maybe an early
mid-life crisis.) I discovered that juggling was a lot of other things besides
throwing things up and catching them. It was also blance type things, including
unicycles. But that was too hard to even think about.

About a year later I saw an ad in the paper for a uni. Why not? So I cut it out
and then didn’t do anything about it. A few months after that I thought I would
call (I figured it would be long gone and wouldn’t have to learn riding it.)
Much to my surprise it was still available. Since no one even called they would
lower the price to $30. That is how I came by a nice Panasonic 20 inch uni! At
the time I didn’t know what a great deal I got!

Once I could ride around the block (about a mile) without falling off and was
able to free mount most of the time, I set a goal to ride every street within a
mile radius of my home. This has been fun as I now see new places and meet new
people and discovered new parks and neighborhoods, etc. It is also a challenge
on a 20" and the hills here in Cincinnati. I am now working on the second mile
radius. Maybe the goal after that it will be every street backward or one footed
(NOT) or …

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: