chain geared penny farthing

What do you think?? It remembers me the Purple Phaze…

Any of you can photoshop the penny farthing into a unicycle with handlebars an saddle?? just removing the little wheel…

What a freaky machine :astonished:

That concept wouldn’t work as a unicycle because derailleur gears only work in one direction (i.e. if you locked the freewheel to make it into a unicycle transmission, it would tangle up when pedalled backwards).

Cool bike though. Reminds me of some of the contraptions on the atomic zombie (?) site.

That design has so many obvious advantages I am surprised they are not more common. Patent it, you may never need to work again.:slight_smile:

That seems really over designed with the handlebars linked to the forks rather than directly attached. I do like that they have managed to shoehorn a set of derailleur gears onto it.

With a post this old though, you have to wonder whether this thing still exists or whether it is now super upgraded.

Looking at the PL indication on the side I’ve started some search and found a recumbent forum, where a guy nicknamed Essmobile was active. It turned out that he is from Krakow, so I’ve contacted him.
The autor of the bike is Stanisław Słowiński and the photo was originally posted on a web page:
The machine does not exist anymore as this drive was used in some other projects. He wrote me that both the original and following machines were really nice to ride.
See some enclosed photos by Stanisław Słowiński.