Central PA Muni Ride

Hey guys, how many PA riders are crazy enough for a muni ride between christmas and new years?
I was talking to SqueakyOnion about setting up a ride over thanksgiving, but it didn’t pan out, so this seemed like the next logical possibility. Depending how this pans out, it’d be fun to do it more often.

So here’s the idea, I’ve been scouting some trails @ Mount Gretna, and i’ve got a couple of route options we could choose from based on the skill levels of whoever shows up. Now I’d like to find out who would like to come, and what dates would work for everybody.

I ride these trails pretty often, and there is a huge variety of terrain for any skill level.

So pa riders, are you up to it?

I’m in!

My family is celebrating christmas on the 26th this year, so any date other than that is perfect.

I’m intrigued. It’s about a 4 hour haul one way for me so date, weather, and getting a couple of others from around here to fill out the car would be factors. It might work.

Cool! Sorry I didn’t reply back sooner, been a bit busy.

So what dates would work best for everyone? Any other riders interested in coming?
I’ll try to keep this up on the forum so more ppl see it.

What type terrain do you guys usually ride? How far?
Thanks, I really want to plan something that works well for everyone.

id really like to go but im not sure it would be possible for me to get there.:frowning:

cool myles, it would be awesome if you could come. anyone else?

Any more riders want to come?

Looks like it’s just me and SqueakyOnion at this point, if anyone else wants to come, just let me know (pm me)! We’ll be doing the ride on new year’s eve!


Going once…

Mebbe I’ll plan another in the spring…

i wont be able to make it then, spring would be cool though


Anyone else interested in coming?

The ride is just a few days away!

The more the merrier.

Is there snow on the trails? If so, how much? I am a couple of hours away in Maryland and we got 22 inches last weekend.

Claude - snow makes the trails even better!

Munimag, I’m pretty sure there will be a little snow on the trail, the same storm that dumped the snow on you left us with about 8 inches. Last night it rained so there’s probably a little less now, and these trails get fairly heavy traffic so I don’t imagine snow will be a problem.
I just rode with my cousin in northern pa where most of the trails had 2 inches of hard crust over 3 of powder making them unridable. We rode on some larger multi-use ‘trails’ that seemed to get some 4x4 travel occasionally. They had 2 inches of powder on top of ice, making for a tiring ride (you really had to watch your balance or your unicycle would suddenly shoot out from under you) it was a lot of fun!

Munimag- if you want to come, just shoot me a pm

James- that looks like so much fun! Must be nice to live in a place with such awesome powder! No more east coast freeze thaw freeze to mess up the trails!