Center Parcs

For those who live in the UK or Europe you may/may not have heard of Center
Parcs. To sumarise its like a whole village with villas and lots of
sports/other leisure activities, you go there and stay for a period of your
choice - we went for a weekend. Its based in a forest and I was a bit sceptical
thinking its more for the city slicker who can’t be bothered to find the real
outdoors, but it was okay…

On to the real subject of course:

           "Unicycling @ Center Parcs!"

Cars are banned from the village so you either rent or take (dare I say it) your
bike. I took my unicycle. Since the whole place is designed for the
“once-a-year-is-enough-for-me” cyclist its ideal for the unicyclist. Distances
are short, there are no cars to worry about, only the afforementioned cyclist
who is a bit wobbly and not very steet-wise. You can cruise around up & down at
will and best of all overtake a whole bunch of cyclists in the process - all
good clean fun, and great for yor ego.

So if you’re off to center parcs, what ever you forget, don’t let it be
your uni !



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