Cateye Mity 8 installed

I picked up a cycle computer, cateye mity 8 for the coker. It has all the features and funtions I was looking for, plus one I wasn’t. You can program it to 2 didfferent wheel sizes. Now I can use this unit on my coker and my tri-bike(it had an older cateye on it with less options).

It took me about 2 hours to put it on last night around midnight. The first problem I ran into is the bracket that the actual unit clips on to wasn’t made to fit onto a bar as small a diameter as the coker pi bar, easily that is. The rest of the installation went smoothly. I have just enough extra wire so when I switch over to 125 cranks I should be able to raise the seat without moving the sensor or magnet.

The next problem I encountered was the wire that ran from the bracket to the sensor. I had every thing nice and neat from the sensor to the seat. I didn’t want to run zip ties all down the pi bar as that would be uncomfortable to hold onto while rideing or using the break. Plus i didn’t want to mistakenly catch my hand on it and risk damaging it. The simple fix for this was black electrical tape. I wrapped from the top to the bottom on one side of the bar and it looks clean and tidy.

The next run in I had was determining the wheel circumference. Trying to roll out a 36’er in your garage that has stuff all over was no small task. First I tried chalking the tire. This left a great line. As in one, I saw the start line it left and couldn’t believe that it was going to be this simple. Well it wasn’t because that was the only line left on the floor. I tried a few more times with the chalk and then I tried a little water. Still no luck. Finely I let air out of the tire to the point I thought it looked like the tire was compressed to the same point as when I was on it. I came up with 277cm and that was good enough for me. Later on in the night I figured that all I needed to do was get the radius from the floor to the center of the hub and used that to get me the diameter of the wheel. Then I could have gotten the circumference.

In the end I am very please with the way it turned out. Every thing seemed to be holding in place and working properly last night. Today will be the true test as there will be more time to play with it.