Catching Dreams

Once again we were in Saalbach. This time we enjoyed the pleasures of our favourite trail, the X-Line. It’s long, it’s diversified, it’s exhausting but most of all it’s fun.

I enjoyed that, great riding in beautiful Austria! :slight_smile:

Best video yet? Its possible!

Sehr geil! Bei weitem das beste Video, das ich bisher gesehen habe!

By far the best video I’ve ever seen!

Excellent video! I was riding with these guys in Saalbach a couple of days before this video was shot and I can tell that some (or most) of the places shown are much steeper and scarier than they appear on video. I think the amount of body armour these guys have is in correct proportion to the crazyness of their riding style! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Well, you are not that much slower than us :wink:

Sweet Vid!

Waaay cooool!

Awesome vid!

Your best yet? I’m torn between this and your last.