Cat on Unicycle in Sony Ad

That’s where I’m hoping they mount their version of my roof rack adapter…

I meant the idea for the cat on the uni. Given the French and English language, and overwhelming presence of non-asian people in the ad, i didn’t figure it was actually prepared in Japan or for a Japanese audience. :slight_smile:

I think the idea is that with a sufficient level of power through the jet engine, you can get rid of your car, roof rack and all. :wink:

I think your uni is bent - or maybe it’s time for a new camera!

You should see the rest ofthe photo, I took it really quickly because I had not expected her to jump up on it. I used an I phone and it must scan from right to left and it was moving as I took the photo. The rest of the fence goes up at a wild angle out of the photo!


Just a little bump, this ad is pretty much everywhere in Montréal’s metro :slight_smile:

I’m loving these unicat photos. I’m sensing a whole new generation of lolcats

edit: someone quickly make one!

If my cat wasn’t so lazy I would try and get her on my unicycle!! Thats my job for tomorrow night :slight_smile: