Cat on Unicycle in Sony Ad


That cat has a pretty nice uni. When I read the title I was expecting to see a generic 20".

When I read the title I was expecting to see a generic 20". That cat has a pretty nice uni. I wonder what kinds of tricks he can do.

When I read the title I was expecting to see a generic 20". That cat has a pretty nice uni. I wonder what other kinds tricks he can do (besides coasting).

So a couple things come to mind for me. Where did they get that uni? It looks pretty nice for being a sony ad. Where does that fit with the rest of the ad? I know there is a lot of weird stuff in there, gladiators, soccer players, crazy running people, but who put the unicycle in the ad… was it one of us on the forum?? And now really, why the hell is it a cat on the uni?

Probably came from the Japanese home office of Sony . . . pretty mild compared to some of the other stuff you can find coming from Japan.
Check out

He can probably do a (litter)tray flip…

…I’ll get my coat…


Is this the thread to post photos of your cat on your unicycle? Here is my cat on my unicycle… :slight_smile:

It’s apparently also the place for us to see the prototype new UDC handlebar.

Yes but you don’t know how it differs from the final version or where to toast rack fits. :slight_smile:

Well, the only logical place for the toast rack will be immediately above the afterburner, that clearly will be mounted on the tube behind the seat. :smiley:

The unicycle was rented to the media company by Bedford Unicycles in Toronto.

The studio that produced the ad is 15 minutes from my shop.

I haven’t seen an original print yet but it still looks like you can see the Bedford Oval headbadge in the photo.

She originally took a picture of my shop cat on the unicycle when she came to inqure about renting one for a Sony ad.

I don’t see how the cat and the unicycle have anything to do with each other but thats what they wanted for some reason.

The unicycle is on display in the shop where it was before she came and got it. I will include the Sony ad with it when it sell now that it is famous.

Take it easy,

Nice thread. I recently bought a little cat so here she is resting on my guni. She must have an incredible sense of balance since she can just lie up there for days without ever having to move. A very quiet and peaceful cat she is. Maybe just a little too quiet, though. But cute anyways. And she doesn’t need any food either.
There’s a Bedford sticker on my mud guard, by the way, although none of the parts were bought there.
But I checked out Darren’s great shop when I was visiting my relatives in Toronto about 3 years ago. First time ever seeing that many great unicycles in one place… Unfortunately I only bought some 661 4x4s and some gloves then, but I got a couple of those stickers too. Actually I was really in love with those beautiful orange pced KH29s he had there and tried to talk my parents into getting one of those for me… I also remember talking to Darren about the not yet available KH/Schlumpf hubs and all his skepticism (not entirely unjustified). That was the year before RTL. The only unis I had were a KH24 and the cf 26er muni. Funny how things have changed since then.


haha I love that ! Do you have a close up of your kitty in that pic?

Here’s Mort on his 36er! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, here you go. What a coincidence: Just when I was getting ready to snap another picture she suddenly moved into this rather interesting position:

Wth? haha, your kitty is upside down, held only by a wooden clip? I must admit I was fooled by the original pic…and didn’t read the part where you said “And she doesn’t need any food either.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I wish my cat would grow up to be a little more like Morty. She’s just soooo passive and lazy. Maybe I’ll have to get her replaced.

That is way cool, as is the finished ad. I was going to comment that the image most likely did not come from Japan, as that would be a very uncommon unicycle to see. “Regular” unicycles (Miyata and similar) are very common, especially in and around Japanese elementary schools.


I like the look of your handle, It is just about what I would call ideal.

Front of a KH T-bar in a stoker stem?

Yeah exactly. I like this setup better than the standard KH bracket-under-the-saddle configuration. The reason is because when I want to switch to MUni mode, and remove the bar, I would have no ideal place to mount the brake lever, except hanging waaaay down below the bracket where the bar used to fit, leaving it out of reach, and also vulnerable to impact from upds.

So I used a standard brake post adapter that is now always on under the saddle, so all I do is remove the bar assembly, slide the brake off and mount it directly under the saddle, where it would normally be if there wasn’t a kh bar.

The only adjustment I lost was the up/down of the bracket, but the stoker stem angle is perfect for me and so I have no need to change that. The bar still telescopes and the bar ends still move up/down. I did have to make a shim since the stoker stem inner diameter is too large for the 27.2 seatpost. I made it from card stock covered in aluminum tape. But the whole assembly is still easy on & off. :smiley: