Cargo Unicycle

Maybe someone knows how to ride this thing, because it has no pedals or cranks. Wheelwalk?

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No, that is the trailer part. Trailers always add extra wheel(s). The same is true on a bicycle.

It connects to the unicycle like so. You mount and hold that in front of you with your hands! Great way to carry bulky stuff whilst unicycling. :rofl:

P.S. In the past I have taken my kids to kindergarten by putting them pushchair (:uk:)/stroller (:us:) and then pushing it, while cycling the unicycle behind. Much quicker than walking. I have reffered to this as my makeshift cargo bike in the past! :wink:

Haha! I referred to a wheel barrow as a “perambulatory cargo unicycle” here a few years ago and the first reply took it seriously: Maintenance woes

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I am sure that it is a cargo-impossible-wheel (coasting down inclines). However, there is a big design flaw that forces you to choose between the cargo function or the coasting function as you cannot do both at once :crazy_face:

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Maybe it was invented in some alpine regions to transport goods uphill to remote mountain huts and after work was done for easily coasting downhill into the valleys.