Carbon fibre base - never been used

In 2004 I won a Miyata style carbon fibre base and have never used it. It has just been sitting in a bin for the last 6 years, and is in the exact same condition as when I got it new. It is not drilled either. I will accept the best offer, but note that sells them for $75, so something in that ball park would be nice. You pay shipping, but you can decide how you want it shipped. I can accept checks or money orders of course, but I also have a paypal account. Just reply or PM me.

how much for it plus shipping to Oshawa Ontario? will it fot a KH saddle?

I have a miyata carbon built with kh foam, cover, and front handle. The post would also work fine. I’m not sure about the back bumper though, I’m still using a miyata one.

+1 almost the same setup as Max (Reeder handle on the front)

Also a KH seat post may require either shimming or bending to properly seat against the base without stressing the CF, and seat posts with an integrated brake mount “stem” may not sit in the right spot relative to the CF base because miyata bases and KH bases have different curvatures… but otherwise the foam will fit well enough.

John M