Carbon Fiber or Titanium Seatposts????

What experience do people have with carbon fiber and titanium seatposts on Munis? Can they take the abuse?

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

My MTB came with an Easton CT2 carbon fiber seatpost and I don’t like it at all. The seat rail clamp creaks and groans (makes noises) as I ride. Quite annoying. Tightening and greasing the rail clamp bits has not eliminated the creaking. The new Easton carbon fiber seatposts have a different rail clamp design so they probably don’t have the same problems.

I don’t have any experience with titanium seatposts. The titanium seatposts that I’ve seen have been way expensive in the $120 to $200+ range. That’s a lot of money for a seatpost. And all of the titanium seatposts I’ve seen have been of the two piece design with a bonded on seat rail clamp.

The most likely spot for a bike seatpost to fail on a muni is where the rail clamp thingy is bonded to the straight part of the seatpost. Muni puts lots of twisting and torque on the seatpost. These forces can eventually cause a bond to loosen up and cause some play in the rail clamp attachment. Some people have had the rail clamp attachment completely fall off the seatpost because the bond failed.

The best bike seatpost for use on a muni is a one piece design like the Thomson. I don’t think you can find a better seatpost for muni than the Thomson. Strong, solid, it looks good, and the one piece design won’t fail on you. Absolutely the best.

Re: Carbon Fiber or Titanium Seatposts???

Oh, I remember now. You fall down alot. That’s why I tried not to ride behind you. If you don’t fall so much, do you really need something that will take all of that abuse? Isn’t it easier in SD where it’s flat? Will I see you in MN this summer? I hope so.

Will Ti gain you that much in weight over Al? I know CF will buy you some. Super High-Tech is cool but sometimes with low returns. What’s your motivation here?


roger davies in the uk did a carbon fiber one on the carbon fibre

frame but i don’t think he sells them because they were’nt strong

the seat post that is

Once again, John Childs rules as the king of muni advice. I have a Thomson on my Pashley and it’s going great after a year and a half. I like being able to set the angle of the seat with the calibration marks on the side. It’s nice and light, especially after being cut to size, but very strong.

Re: Carbon Fiber or Titanium Seatposts???

It was actually an aluminium seatpost, I have not done a carbon fibre one.
Jointing them at the top would be very difficult to make it strong enough.
The Carbon Fibre is easily strong enough though.


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> the seat post that is
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mmmm scandium seatpost

what diameter was the aluminium seat post

Okay, it was a passing whimsy brought on by a cheap Synchro Tinanium seatpost that I saw for sale. I held my breath and the feeling went away.

Harper, I don’t fall down anymore. In fact, there is no down here at all. It’s completely flat in this part of South Dakota. However, once I learn to glide (isn’t that optimistic!!!?) I’ll be fitting myself with a kite or a sail. The wind will whip me all the way to Minneapolis.

I’m going to miss the USA in MN this summer. Our unicycling neighbors from Bainbridge Island are visiting that same week, and we are riding the Black Hills.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA