carbon fiber/alu frame

we have the parts to make 1 frame with the round tube design. it will fit on a KH hub and we can make it any size you want with any length neck. price is $300. i have been doing lots of testing on my prototype made with the same parts and its holding strong, however i recomend this design for someone with a 36 or something with a tire smaller than 2.5 as the tire clearance is a bit small. if you dont have a problem with your wheel being true then it wont matter. my prototype is 600 grams, incase you havnt seen it this is what my prototype looks like…

300$? for a custom carbon frame? doesnt a carbon seat post cost this much? :thinking: i think your giving em away man, buy em up boys n girls before he runs outta material or changes his mind! put up more pics of this thing, or send a link to the other pics. ide buy one if i had money.
the clearance is a problem only if u do things like this that unicyclerman does. here is a little sample lol, of the nutcase. show us a pic of the clearance.

apparently, the frame has little bits of panther inside of it so you know its good.

Might be worth everyone who definately wants one of these at some point to speak up now, unless you want this to go the way of the triton.

I will want a 36er which is Magura and Schlumpf compatible with ovalised legs. In a perfect world this will be a V-frame. If you get the V-frame design sorted I reckon you would sell 1/2 dozen just to members of this forum.

I think your pricing is too low as well and even Pm’ed you to say so. I think everyone is holding on for the ovalised tubes now, and this forum area is a bit of backwater so don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t generate any orders.

Anyway, that is one (advance) order in the bag.

Best of luck.


ya the price is pretty low on this one becouse we have the oval tube frames coming but need some money to finish the design so this is the last of this design.

Hey jarin. How is progress coming on those oval tube frames? I hope they are almost ready. Will they be any lighter? I can’t wait!

I think the price is right actually. Youd be how surprised how cheap things actually are when getting them made yourself.

Talk to Phil about it. =p

i agree the price is pretty close to what it should be for a uni frame ,maby a little low but pretty close . a good mountain bike carbon fork with alum lugs and crown goes for anyware between 300-700 uds depending on the brand

600 grams is more than the aluminum Kris Holm frames, shouldn’t carbon fiber be lighter? or are you trying to make something stronger than the Kris Holm frames?


KH Longneck is 640g :wink:

Im waiting for the oval tubes and a test with the KH TI hub… its a bit different to the normal KH hub and i dont wanna buy a frame that does not fit exactly on my wheel.
And i want it as light as possible haha :smiley:

ya the oval tube frame will be more expensive but will fit anything and be around 100 grams lighter. I need to sell this one so that I can buy the carbon for the oval tube frames. this one is perfect for a 36er frame. it should be lighter than the KH 36 frame.

Aroung 100g lighter… nice!

Next thing: Is it possible to make the alu-part more knee friendly? Curving it a bit like the KH-frame.

And also… is it possible to powdercoat the alu-parts black?

wouldn’t that be a bit wide for a 36 i think it would rub on the riders legs

good work btw looks nice


I would buy a V-frame 36" maybe also a 29" (schlumpf/kh compatible)

ya we are lowering the crown down half an inch and moving the sides of it in a little. even so i havnt really had a problem with the crown hiting my legs. it is almost the same width as a devil frame but it is rounded off so its not really a danger. and i am going to look into anodizing the alu parts different collors. i will let you know when i find out how much that will cost

Will lowering the crown make it so my eagle claw rubs. You should make sure it won’t. Oh and anodizing the aluminum parts would be freakin cool. Be sure to do blue so I can match my V!Z rim. :sunglasses:

lol oh my GOD i so want one :stuck_out_tongue: but i so dont have any money :frowning: i have watched the progress of this frame congrats on finally makeing it to the market how to get some money soon lol i will so get one but wont be for a long time :frowning:

Edit you should try to talk to Roger to put it on :smiley:

since the price has to be kind of high im doing all custom to make sure its all well worth the price. so we can make it fit any frame size, any length longneck or fit any tire you want. if your eagle claw fits in a devil frame it should fit in the oval tube frame. all anodizing will be custom so you can have any color you want im just not sure how much it will cost yet. im personaly going with a fluo green and carbon frame when i build my oval tube:D gunna be sooo sick.

what did the frames final weight turn out to be?

we don’t know the final weight yet becouse we don’t know the size of the frame its going to be.

lol good point :wink: would you know what your 20" frame would weigh just like a rough guess?