Carbon Fiber Aero Bar

This is a first step towards thinning out some of my parts bin.

  • 110mm KH Moment Cranks - $40. They are lightly used but in very good condition.
  • Carbon Fiber Aero Bars – $50. I tried these out for a couple of weeks and then they spent the past several years on my parts box. You can see a complete description HERE.

These items are for sale individually… or both.

I also have a pair of brand new, un-opened bar ends that I will include with the first person that wants them… provided they purchase either the cranks or the aero bars. The actual link I used to purchase them are HERE.

I can accept PayPal or Zelle.

I will ship the items using USPS, continental US only.

Thanks for looking.


I am considering the 110 moments, but am not sure if it would be better to save for M4O cranks. What are the main advantages of the KH 110s? Thanks so much!

Hi @Peter1,

The KH Moments preceded the KH Spirit generation of cranks. In general they are bomb proof. Unlike the Spirits, they are not disc brake compatible.

From the little I know about Mad 4 One… their products are on par with KH. My impression is that they are more expensive than KH, but they offer a higher bling factor (color options) than KH. In EU they are probably more popular and readily available than KH products.

The only part I have from M4O is an aluminium hub. I set me back $200… but was the only hub I could find that had the right spoke count. It’s beautiful, but I would have preferred to pay $60 for a Nimbus or KH.

This is one of those questions that has the potential to set off a firestorm of responses. Both lines are high quality. M4O wins in the designer/color options category. IMO, KH wins out in value.


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I believe the cranks should be fine for any isis unicycle with inboard disc brake or for someone riding without a brake.

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The 110mm cranks are pending.

The aero bar is still available.


I’ll definitely take the cranks if they do not sell to previous.

The cranks are SOLD!!!

The AERO bars are still available.