cap for double hole cranks

Hi I have a pair of kh moments 125/150 I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy or how to make a cap that willl keep dirt out of the hole that’s not being used.

I’ve heard of people using duct tape and wrapping around the crank to protect the holes. Personally, I haven’t covered them with anything and haven’t had any problems other than the normal insert movement associated with moments. However, I’m far from experienced.

I sometimes use insulating tape… but its not really a big problem :smiley:

I made a thread about it quite a while back: Mud/dirt/water guard caps for dual-hole cranks

Could use a bar end cap.

I use expandable foam ear plugs.
But they are bit difficult to get back in my ears afterwards! :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t give this much thought until I read this thread this morning. I took a look at my cranks and found that the threads had grease on them from the factory and they had collected quite a lot of sand and grit. I cleaned out the holes and then wondered what I had that I could use to seal them. My solution was foam insulation that I bought for a dog door that I installed. Pictures will show the install details. Very quick and easy.

How about a set of spare pedals? You never know when you might break a pedal on the trail. :roll_eyes:

I carry an old toothbrush on rides where I plan on changing cranks.

A couple of spins and the threads are clean.

I carry a spare seatpost when i ride trials but not when i ride muni

I like that idea but have a couple questions
1.Is it easy to remove/ can you reuse
2.Do you twist it in or did you push it in the hole
3.What is the black stuff on the end
4.How do you remove it

sorry that was to SalManilla

here ya go!


Here ya go again.

Never considered this when i was shopping for cranks… but it is good to know! i think i will try alucard’s solution and get a pair of bright orange ear plugs. I just orded some KH spirit 127-150’s today and i a tad bit excited for them (just a small amount haha i wish they were here yesterday…)