Cantilever brakes on Muni?

Nope - it´s a 26inch frame and I use 140mm cranks. The brake arms hide in the arch behind my knees and are therefore out of the way. The only thing they might hit during normal use is a rock or something similar in a particularly unfortunate UPD.

The cable routing did come out pretty slick. I was worried that the cable might saw its way through the lower seatpost clamp bolt but it has not been a problem yet.

very nice. It would take years to wear through your bolt, but if there’s enough metal you could drill a hole through it to run the cable and recess the housing end as well. The way you have it seems to do the trick. very slick cable routing and nice way around the 3" tire issue.

I bought a Tektro 857AL V-brake to mount on my 29" using the method described in this thread. The arms are spec’d at 110mm and looking at them they seemed like they might be long enough to work with my 24x3 Berm Master. I mounted them on that wheel for kicks and they fit. The arms on this brake appear to be long enough to clear any tire that will fit in the Nimbus 24" MUni frame.

Hmm…that is a good idea. I’ll try to remember bringing the seatpost clamp to work one of these days as we’ve got a drill press here at work which does these things much better than what I could achieve with my handheld el-cheapo drill at home. I’ll probably just drill a recess for the end of the cable so that the routing essentially stays the same.