Can't remove cranks from DX

A new riding buddy recently bought a '06 torker dx 24" off ebay, and came with the cranks on the wrong sides. After removing both bolts from each crank they were ready to come off, but they won’t budge! MY torker dx cranks came off easily after removing the bolts, so I expected the same east removal. Does anyone know the best way to get them off? Obviously can’t use a crank puller since these are spined. Appreciate any help. Thanks!:smiley:

PS: In the meantime, we just reversed the saddle so the pedals won’t continue to come loose, but we’d prefer the brake bosses in the back.

Hmmmmm. does that include the big one right by the axle?

Flip the frame?

You can use a crank puller on them. I’ve done it many times, on the new and old DX cranks.

As Evan suggested, remove the wheel, turn 180 degrees and reinstall it.

Duh! That slipped my mind! Thanks!

Apparently this is quite a common mistake to make, thinking the cranks are assembled wrong where as it is user error leading to backwards installation of the wheel.
That happened to me when I got mine out of its box :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting. when i put mine together like an hour ago (just got it :)) i put the wheel on backwards and immediately thought it was on backwards, not the cranks.

The torker DX cranks have a very nice design, with the pinch bolt. Did you make sure you loosened the pinch bolts on the end?

Yeah, removed both bolts completely from each crank.

Terry you shouldnt feel dimb for doing that…Just this morning i brought my wheel to work for its monthly maintenance pakage and i thought that i ahd put the cranks on the wrong sides…So i took them both off anagin and my co-worker pipes up and says, couldnt you have just turned the wheel around…Then i felt so dumb…Even those non uni people kno that!!

Thanks…I guess now don’t feel so bad! :smiley:

Hmm, when you were taking the extractor bolt out, did that just unscrew itself and come out, cause one of my cranks, it does that too, but the other side, the crank gets pulled off with it. I found that the side that doest get pulled off, is on there pretty good, and takes some pulling to get off.

Goodluck with yours.

Well, my kh/onza cranks (no pinch bolt) come off as you remove the center bolt, but not so with the torker splined cranks.

stick a big flat head screw driver in the pinch bolt location and the wiggle it and pull

Yeah, my DX originaly would come off as the center bolt was loosened, but now one side does and the other doest. I am sure you just need a nice force to push the sucker off. =p

Jerrick…maybe you lost the self extractor from your other crank.

Nope, I didnt loose it, but on the top of the crank, where the allen wrench goes, and it has the little ring, on one crank, that is secure and pulls the crank with it, on the other, its loose. Too many grinds and crankgrabs. =p

What is the self extractor? The bolt?

A crank puller will work. You will probablly have to put several washers were the puller part goes to make it work though.

The new KH cranks have a self extractor that makes the cranks come off with the bolt…Its some sort of spring mechanism i beleive.