Hey guys, not everything is in place yet, but the site is ready enough to look at.

Shop will be functional by Jan, and the trail/riders/club finding system in place by the end of December.


At first glance this looks awsome Brian

link’s not working for me.

You’re not in Canada.

Nice work. Congrats!

Pretty cool…the forums is kinda weird, but kinda cool…I think forums should be for unicyclist…But just love how we will be able to buy unicycles from Canada now. But we still have Bedford :slight_smile:

Looks good.


I just read that you have a video in the banff film festival. That’s nice to hear. I’ve been waiting to see one there.

I’m defently contacting who ever is putting it on in my city and requesting it:)

Good site!

so when’s this going to be open for US buyers? or is this going to be Canada only?

I’m pretty sure the site is just for Canadians. Brian is a UDC vendor, so the products should be the same as on UDC.


If I’m right in thinking that your IP addresses are being checked automatically and that only Canadian IPs are allowed I would deduce that the site is built by a Canadian for Canadians.

No offence to the all you in the US and the rest of the world, but I think this is a good idea… At least to start. Who knows? <cough>Brian</cough> It might eventually open up to the rest.


Again, if I’m right… Would screenshots of what you are missing help?

Works fine in the UK, well for me anyway, looks good. Now where do I apply to emigrate to Canada?

Maybe I’m wrong and I’ve just made myself look like an idiot.

lol, yah. The site looks cool, regardless if I live in America.

Well at least your idea was completely plausible.

I’ve signed up under the name Dan.

I can’t wait to be able to buy parts at great prices.

Darren’s shop is nice and all, but some of his parts are just over the top on the pricing end, such as being able to buy certain parts for cheaper including importing from the US.

I made a thread in the Random Discussion forums for introductions called “Welcomes and Hellos

This is looking great, man. I can’t wait to see the store!

good work, sounds interesting, looking forward to some different parts… maybe u’ll have to do some uk shipping !