canadian sponsorship

I was going to try to get sponsored by 661, but when I went to fill out the form thing, it was only for US. Does anyone know of any way get it in Canada or any other Canadian companies that arent that hard to get sponsored by

Why do you want to get sponsored, and what do you have to offer to potential companies?

Pretty much any appropriate company (bike shops, skate shops, uni shops?) will sponsor you if you can give good enough answers to those questions.

i’m sponsored by 661
and i live in canada i just filled out the form and when it said what city i live in i put london, ontario, canada…and it worked for me and they have sent me stickers so i kno it works:)

o ok I’ll try that

Stickers? Sounds sweet… but if that’s all you get is it really worth it?

Yeah, and besides that, normally a good sponsor only accepts if you really can show that you can make it worth their while.

But all the power to ya… hope it works.

im sponsored by 661 but i never got stickers! damn…

I think you have to buy something from them to be sent stickers. Being sponsored by 661 really has very little merit, unless you just want the discount and are already planning on purchasing some of their stuff (although you can usualy get it cheaper elsewhere anyways). It is pretty much just a way for them to get free advertisement.

Yeah, you get stuff cheaper. 40% off is a good deal, and just about anyone can get it.

all 661 gives is 40% for unicyclists. thats not much. i got sponsored by them and never signed with it…i was like whatever, not worth it.

its amzing how much %40 can help if your spending money.

[threadjack]Where in canada are you located?[/threadjack]

How is it not worth it? it is a pretty big discount and it doesn’t require you to do anything.

haha yea i sent them an e-mail asking for some:p and i get something like 40% off …this is my second year being sponsored by them

Did you guys even send a video

Well, if you never buy anything there or already have bought what you need, it doesn’t help much.

Also you are providing free advertisement for them.

Now if you don’t advertise that you are sponsored by them, its another story. But really the whole thing is just a coupon that is more beneficial to them.

hey, i got sponsored by 661, but I get 60% off everything
its a level 2 sponsorship

guess the better u are the better you save i’m not sponsored and i get no discount, but its not like i wear any of there shit anyways never really been fond of 661’s gear