Can you ....... ?

Thought of a neat thread, I was trying to do something today and thought Hmmm I wonder if others can.
then I thought a challenge thread or a “can this be done” thread…

Today I tried to hop onto a full “mini” soda can… Being new to hopping I thought it would be great practice… You know the can probably… about 3 or 4 inches tall, like half sized coke cans…
Can anyone or has anyone tried this? You would need to land REAL square as to not have it shoot out from under you

haha, yeah I did something like that about 3 years ago: :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely good practice for precision landings.

i loved you for your song choice, then hated you because you rode on a piano. how dare you.

Wow was that a mess! ROFLMAO
But I mean to land the soda can on the top of it, and after hopping off of it, drink it…
A full can can support several hundred pounds of weight, so if you land soft …


One of your best!

Thanks for the reprise for us newer guys. I was so bummed when you didn’t hit the gallon of water square and then laughed outloud when you came back and hit it manually. You Da Man!jj

That was almost as good as the IronMan 2 trailers.

Galagher on a unicycle! I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it.

Terry, that is the funniest video I have seen on this site for sure and one of the funniest ever.

Recently I was thinking of doing a cake walk - you know, instead of a fire walk. People could declare affirmations and go stomping down a path knee deep in cake. :smiley:

Because he’s the UniGeezer? I just try to sit back and enjoy his unique brand of madness and try not to get too caught up in his antics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry = Awesome.

Riding on a piano. That is original. I am so happy you are a unigeezer. Wouldnt be the same without you.
Thanks for bringing it back.

On to the original point. I think you could land and stay on the soda. As for practice. I guess it might be alright, but why possibly waste a soda when you could just find some urban trials or some rocks in the back yard or something?

Because the soda an was behind my cars tire, guess it was some kids… I dont drink the stiff so I figured why waste it… I guess a piece of 2 inch PVC with a flat cap filled with old car wheel weights would work too

When you started this thread I was picturing something more along the lines of …

“Honey! Do something about this pile of cans!”

I was more shooting for a thread where someone could post “Have you ever hopped on to a moving car, rode over it and then hopped off” or whatever…
Or “Is ________ possible.” type of thread even

There is a busy street right near my house! I’ll be right back…:smiley:

On second thought - are you sure you want to encourage such behavior?
If so, might as well dare people to hop up over a cop car to prove their nerve.

Yes it is possible to land on top of a soda can but it is hard to do without falling over.Ive also hopped onto a skateboard and chain then off of it

Yes, I can.

you can wheel walk with your hands while walking backwards on the cranks, and with no seat you say!?!?!. . .

let’s see it