Can you speak English?

Does anyone here know how to speak English?


there are a lot of people here who can speak englisch. you can write sth in english if you want. we also can translate it in german that all of us can reed it.

best regards


yes, i think just everyone can speak or write english, that everybode can understand it.


Wait i ten how do I do the transalator thing?

with translate I mean that you write your stuff in english and one of us will translate it in german for the ones here who can’t speak english.
Don’t worry there were some threats in the past which were written in englisch and it was no problem e.g. this



There is no need to translate it into German… vast majority of Germans are able to understand at least a little English!

Any of you dudes have AIM. My AIM is Worminton. Give me yours and we can talk uni.

Mine is unistyler



Ruhrpott Unitrials

My AIM is Reafzaro…


What I don’t understand is why it has to only have German on their very own forum. Can’t every language have it’s own forum? Think about it Spanish is more popular than German.

If there are really enough people who speak Spanish you should consider
asking Gilby to set up an own Spanish forum.
But if you’d like to go on in English at this place I assume you’re welcome, too :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

I notice that this forum isn’t as popular as the others. We have to work to make it popular. We’ve become a family you know. What I need you you do is tell all your German friends to post on my thread, even if they don’t speak English.

The forum might be more popular than it seems from the number of posts. I’m sure there are a number of lurkers (like me) here who are’nt confident enough in their German to post very often.


this forum is very popular by german speaking muni and trialers. of corse there aren’t that much german speaking people as english thats why there are less threads here then in the english forum. but I think this forum is very important for us we can discuss things in our own language, especialy meetings. there are a lot of bigger and smaller meetings (e.g. the gmtw ) which were planed, or partly planed, in this forum. I think it’s also a bit familiar most users know the others from meetings.



@Borges: just post in german it’s no problem. I also post in english even when I know that it isn’t perfect but i think you can understand it.

No I’m talking about this particular thread about people speaking English. It’s not very popular.

heh, nice avatar. Seems that I should know him from somewhere, uuh where have I seen him last? hmm.

Well no problem, use it. He’s free for all unicyclists :slight_smile:

Ride On,

Actually I was looking for an AIM buddy icon and thought it was cool. Later on i decided to use it as my avatar to. Hope you don’t mind.

Hey where is everybody?

I’m getting lonely.

We don’t get lonely…
But i think most of us can’t just make a discussion about “Hey where is everybody”.