Can you own enough unicycles?

Friday I returned from a trip to Arizona where Keith Williamson of the Arizuni club loaned me his 24" Miyata while I was in town. On Saturday I took a Coker ride. My son and a couple of friends came by and I had them outside trying to ride my 20" Torker and 24" Zephyr. I rode the Torker on a walk with my wife on Sunday and then practiced freemounting my 6 foot Semcycle giraffe. I finished the day with a short ride on my bright blue 20" Jugglebug up to the store to return a DVD. Today I commuted in to work on the Coker.

I barely had enough unicycles to make it through the weekend. How did I survive with just one? I only owned one until last November. I still need some kind of trials unicycle and a high quality 20" freestyle. Then I’ll need something else. I blame Drummond and his website. I’m an American and not responsible for my own actions.

I can’t wait to extend my unicycle collection! I have to do everything - commute long distances, ride to the store, teach people - on my little 20", and it’s getting annoying! i’ve given my little leggies far more work than neccesary, what with all the excess pedalling i have to do with this wheel (they’re pure muscle now, so i guess i shouldn’t complain). And get this, the other day I looked at my unicyling pants (dark blue jeans), and there were two spots on the upper legs where the material was completely worn to white due to my horrible seat! lol, i think i’ve ridden my uni more in the past 3 weeks than i’ve ridden my bicycle in 9 years.


Get this, I used to be very into BMX, and I Just Spent about $500 on building a custom bike, and a month after I finished it, I was contacted by Dave Stone, and got back into unicycling. I currently have the front tire in my 20" taxi, and the S&M pedals are on Rambo, my 24" muni.
-David Kaplan

Unfortunately I’ve lost my S&M pedals due to a pair of Lasco cranks. I plan on ordering another pair when I order my Profile cranks + hub.