Can you buy new parts 4 uni's

hello i bought a sun classic a while back it works great but my pedal already broke. :angry: Ya i know gay. So i was wondering if you can buy like new pedals or new sadal if so please put a link…TY:D


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Your best bet is to save your money and buy a whole new [stronger, better] uni - the one you have will just break over and over again, and you’ll end up paying more.

I agree with Jamessd but if you must, you can get parts from or if it is just pedals you need - most local bike shops should have what you need.

:thinking: :thinking: you are telling him to buy a new uni because he broke his pedal? Should I buy a new truck when I get a flat tire? Sure the sun might not be a top end unicycle but that doesn’t mean that he can’t learn on it.

All parts of a unicycle are replaceable. You can get new pedals at any bike shop.

ty and i agree with him a torker in likie 150 dollars and pedals arnt that much…

Are you saying, if you had a straight unicycle the pedal wouldn’t have broken?

You must be confused.

No, because the parts will break over and over again, and he will end up upgrading or replacing them when he could save a little more money for a better uni and not have to keep upgrading parts.

people in this forum are really rich.

I think 70% of people in here dont know how hard is to buy a uni

Most of the people on this forum are American the wealthiest nation on the planet and a lot of the top posters have parents buying them unicycles.


Well it’s not necessarily about how rich you are… just your ability to save any money you get/earn.

Americans have to pay about half the price that I do for a unicycle, so I have to earn a lot more.

These are my favorite pedals
They are cheap, but I haven’t broke any yet.

The Sun is an ok uni, if you are light and just riding around. They seem the most popular choice in my neighborhood. Some of the kids have been riding one for years, and are quite good. I think if you weigh around 100 lbs, and you are not a trials rider, you should enjoy your Sun until you out grow it.

A good seat will be kinda pricey. I like KH seats, the street model will be a real improvement. Money on a seat, or pedals, is money well spent. You can move the good seat to the next uni you buy, which unless you buy top of the line, is sure to come with a crappy seat.

cheap and dirty

You can get any parts you want, you just need to know where to look. While it is true that a new, stronger uni is easier than constant upgrading, I don’t think you need a new unicycle. You can get new pedals from walmart or kmart for under $10. I usually go to Kmart and get the bell plastic comp. pedals for $6 per pair. They are quite grippy for just being plastic and are pretty durable.

Seats are personal preference more than anything. Some people like a flatter seat, some like a more curved seat. The best seats I have found for the money is the Koxx One red and black seat and the nimbus gel seat (I have one of each).

They’re both significantly softer to ride on than what comes with a sun uni (I switched the seat on my sun uni very early on). You can get the Koxx One seat at and you can get the nimbus gel seat for $40 at .

If there’s any other questions you have just post them. Everyone here is really good about trying to find answers for newbies. This forum is how I found out what I needed to know.


Yeah too bad some of the most expensive unicycles like Koxx-one, ONZA and Schulmpf, are European. And money for unicycles for teenagers is a lot harder to raise than people with an actual career and salary.

ON TOPIC: I don’t think you should switch uni’s just yet, I still ride my Sun learner for fun all the time (except the seat is brutally mean, I’m planning on putting a Kris Holm saddle on my Torker DX and moving the DX seat onto my Sun.) I would say eventually switch to a better, more specialized uni, but for now get a new pedal from a bike shop or UDC and enjoy the Sun.

yeah…there are a lot of spoiled punks…but not all Americans are. i only get b-day and x-mas gifts from my rents…everything else is on me, i bought everything for my trials uni, all my bmx stuff, and all my filming gear, and soon i am buying my own truck…all from my minimum wage job. it may be hard to save the money, but if you have the love for the sport you will find a way

UDC has prob the most parts, and yur sun is fine 4 now, but if you get serious about a specific area of riding you will want to upgrade soon

ya all that happened is when i was learning to ride i fell down and my body weght was on the pedal so it cracked… but on the end it it cracked a little