Can you be ready of the MS150 in 2 months?

Well I’m thinking about signing up for the NJ “Bike MS: City to Shore Ride (October 3 & 4, 2009)”. I just got my coker 2 weeks ago, is this to long a trip to plan on doing this soon? I am looking at doing the one day 75 mile run to the shore. My longest ride right now was only about 10 miles. My only real worry is about groin pain being that my body isn’t use to a long time in the saddle. Time shouldn’t be a problem. It starts between 6-8 and the route closes at 5. So even if I left the latest at 8 this leaves 9 hours to finish (8.3mph average).

Also is anyone doing or thinking about doing this ride. Would be nice to have some one to talk with during the event. Here is the link:

I am going to go ahead and say that it isn’t a good idea to attempt 75 miles right off the bat. You can really hurt your joints if you aren’t trained up enough for it.

The real test will be trying to do a longer ride than 10 miles and see how it feels. Aim for 30…and then if you have no problems, go higher. It took me a while to be comfortable doing > 50 miles on a 36er.

I am going to try and step up the distance this weekend and see how I feel.