Can the 24" qx series muni frame be used with a kh hub?

I have a new qx series 24 muni frame and a kh hub. Although the frame fits on the bearings its a very tight fit and no room for turning or movement. Is this right that this frame is not compatible with kh hubs? I did email qx asking what hubs i can use with the frame and they said any of the addict or qx hubs are fine. So far as I can make out there is one qx muni hub that is yukky yellow and 48 holes. Are there any others? And what rim would I then need to use? I take it I couldnt use a 24kh freeride rim either? If anyone can help me out with my options it will be much appreciated.

well if i remeber right they said to me that the Kh hubs are too big. so your choices are Koxx, Impact and Qu Ax. Nimbus Hubs are also to big. The rest will fit. If you want a cheaper hub thats still solid go qu ax if you want a nicer hub go for impact.
Thats it. :smiley:
Hope that helps

I dont think koxx hubs fit either. And I was told by that the new 2010 kh hub wont fit my signature series qx frame even though their site says they will fit most quax frames. I havent been able to find an addict hub.Is their a website for this? The only hubs i have been able to find that will fit are the quax ones in germany which means im paying more for postage than the hub is worth and also I cannot get a 3inch rim to fit as it seems that the only suitable muni 48 hole rim available is the halo cambat one from great britain.So with a very limited choice in hub and rim ( i really wanted to build a new muni with a fatter 3 inch tyre; my current one is a kh cross country) i think my only option is to wait and see if a suitable rim becomes available in the future.I am also contemplating maybe building up a 26 muni instead. It is very frustrating that i have a kh moment hub and a qx frame that cannot be used together. If only these things could be kept standardised!

I would check into the Koxx hubs a bit more if I were you. My understanding is that the flanges on the KH/Nimbus hubs are a little wider, and that the spokes hit the frame on Impacts, and others. In those cases the Koxx hubs have been recommended as the go to hub.

Rim choice. If you have a 48 hole hub you have more rim choice than if you had a 36 hole hub. Why? Because you could use 32 hole rims of which there is far greater variety. The lacing is super easy you just skip every third hole in the hub; otherwise, it’s a normal build. Here’s a post from the 29’er forum that shows a wheel built this way.

The problem is that the bearing cups are very tight against the flanges of a kh hub so there is no movement. I would need to bend the frame out to move it away from the flange but this would totally stuff the aluminium frame. (as advise by nz hubs in effect are too big for the frame. Thanks for the 32 hole rim advice. I will look into this.

That’s the problem that I was talking about. The KH/Nimbus hubs have the flanges set a bit wider than everyone else. That means that you can use everyones hubs in a KH/Nimbus frame, but not the other way around.

Some people have “dented” their frames to make space for the spokes, but it’s a cheesy fix. Impact is supposed to be coming out with a hub soon that should be fine on your frame. Also, I’m pretty sure the Koxx hub should work, it’s what a lot of people are running in the Impact frames that have the same problem with KH hubs as yours.