can some one plz help

i have been thinking of getting a unicycle and idn what kind to get andi want a beginer one but easy on the money… way nicer sucks but will get you riding

You can’t be told enough that the all around best beginner cycle is the Torker LX. Nothing can beat it for it’s $110 price and its durability. If you don’t want to get into extreme stuff, this uni will last extremely long and can even be used for freestlye. If you want to get into freestyle, flatland, trials, or street, I’d get the 20" model. If you want to get into commuting, Muni, touring, or just riding around for fun, I’d get the 24".

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

The best place to buy it would be eBay or If you do decide to buy it through, make sure you go to the “donate” section on this website (in the top bar) and click on the link in their so part of your purchase will be donated to this community!