Can my 26inch 42mm dominator2 fit 26x2.0?

Hello folks, What is the thinnest tire i can fit on this setup?
I have duro 26x3, looking to fit a big apple 26x2 or 2.35 or a marathon supreme 26x2.

For street use. (nimbus muni black 26)

If the dominator has an inside width of aound 32mm (using the average 5mm bead hook width/side), then you should have no problem running a 2" (50c) tire. Going much natrower could increase the number of pinch flats.

I’m pretty sure the Nimbus 2 29er road uni comes with a dominator 2 rim and big apple 29x2" tyre, so you should be fine.

Just checked & I was wrong, it’s the 2.35" big apple it comes with. I’d still expect the 2" to be ok though.

Thanks. The 26 nimbus comes with a domintator 42mm stated by UDC. I first wanted the hookworm but realized the big apple was lighter at 2.35 and they even offer a 2.0. Now as I read more I found out the marathon supreme would be even lighter, at 26x2.0.

Can any more people chime in to reassure me, i really want to place an order on a 26x2.0 tire tonight.

Again many thanks for the input.

I’ve been riding on my Oracle 29er with a 2" Big Apple which has a Dominator 2 rim for just over a year now. I’m on my second one in fact. UDC in the US sells that size on the Nimbus 29er and the road version of the Oracle. If you do a search on this forum about the 2" Big Apple tire you’ll come across reports of it blowing off rims. So far I haven’t had that problem. I keep the tire inflated to ~40 PSI. If I remember correctly people that had problems inflated their tires higher than that.

Check this out as well.

I like to keep a tire at least 25% wider than the rim to give some protection against pinch-flats. a 2.0 tire is 25% wider than the 42mm rim so you should be good.

Thanks so much folks. You guys are so helpful.