Can I replace my K1 bearings with these?

If you notice in the beginning of this thread I mention I have both the Koxx 25x42 and a set of 22x42. I did not mention the shim that you need for the Koxx setup. However yes there is one of those so the 25mm bearings fit onto the 22mm axle.

Personally I think this is a much better design. I dont know if there is a weight difference when all is said and done, tho the 25x42 bearings must be less, I am not sure how much they weigh and how much the sleeve/shim/adapter weighs.

What I like about using the 25mm bearing with the shim is that they slip right on and off, no need for a bearing extractor which is what ends up breaking my bearings as of now(partly my own sloppy technique, partly how the extractor pulls). Even if what you say is true about the 22mm being stronger I will go threw them faster taking them on and off.

I would like to think K1 is using this design for that reason. I do alot of my ridding away from home. Right now I am in NYC I brought what I thought was alot of tools, even some extra used bearings. While I have been out in Boston, CT and now NY I have worsened my already damaged bearing. Of course I cant change it cause I dont have a bearing extractor(kinda big and bulky to travel by bus and train with). With the shim and 25mm there whould have been no problem at all.

A pressed onto the axle bearing is superior IMHO

If the bearing is pressed on by the inner race only, say with a socket or tube. It will have zero clearance between the axle and the ID of the bearing. This install method is important. If an unknowledgeable person presses the bearing on in a different way, it will become junk. Bearings must be installed properly. If they are pulled off, replace them with new ones. Never reuse a pulled off bearing.

Then by correctly not over tightening the bearing clamps, you end up with slop only in the bearing itself. The correct standard for modern unicycles. This setup should last a very long time.

Bearing practice spans many fields, motorcycle, snowmobiles, pulleys in factories world wide. Something like a billion 20 ID x 42 OD x 12 Wide bearings are produced and sold every year. They are in everything, 1 $ each if you buy a tube of 25.

Uni bearings are the same quality, the same things.

The only reason uni bearings come in screwy non standard sizes, is to make a profit from after market parts sales.:frowning:

Well you and I see things quite differently then, huh? I would rather have a setup I can put together and still have the option of taking it apart. You would rather set it and leave it.

Nimbus ISIS uses 20IDx42ODx12 wide bearings. So if you want cheaper replacements, use that hub.

Didn’t muniaddict find sombody who sold cheep bearings that fitted the kh isis hub? Would they be the same as K1?

According to UDC the Nimbus ISIS hub uses 22IDx42ODx12 bearings, where did you get those dimensions from?



That’s interesting that they put something different. But why use different bearings if they’re the same size as the KH/Qu-Ax ones?