Can I do anything with a viscount?

I just bought a Coker today from a friend of mine, and while riding it home (actualy the second I sat down on it) I grew to hate the viscount. Is there anything I can do with it to make it less of a bitch to sit on? I’m willing to buy some crap to put in it but I only have 20 bucks Canadian to spend on it so a fusion cover is out of the question.

I actualy have an old KH/axiom seat that I could use aswell, I have already pulled the cover off of it so I don’t really care about having to reattach that.

wow, dude, the viscount is the best set for unispin tricks and what not. Get use to sitting on it, it’s kinda painful but you must be a newer rider. Anything to do to it is just tape the front for a handle, and there’s a great uniseat.

-Shaun Johanneson

I hate it for distance/comforbility. He has it on a coker, so he won’t be using it for unispins and stuff like that.


lol but for my little brother’s unicycle seat I got a piece of foam rubber and shaped it like the seat, its too soft to make much of a diff for me, but it works GREAT for him… take off the front and back bumpers… get a piece of cloth that seems suitable (smooth and tough) cut it WAY too big, get some suitable foam (cut it to shape), glue it to the seat with contact/rubber cement then to the cover… place the cover over it all … pull to desired tension and put the bumpers back on … then get an industrial stapler (not for paper) and staple the cover to the seat… on the bottom only… not the sides

ohh and just for fun … make SURE to leave some staples sticking out the top fabric for a massaging action for you “private” area HAH!

yeah I will probably end up doing that, except use a gel pad from a wrist support for a keyboard.
For a second there though I thought you were talking about using the Viscount seat, and I was like WTF kinda of stapler are you using that goes into that base!!! :p.

People have sucessfully fitted a Kris Holm handle onto a viscount saddle, which will make a big improvement as you will be able to lift yourself out of the saddle on long coker rides. Use the Search facility for details on how they did it and photographs

Does the New Coker that they were going to launch at NAUCC still have the viscount saddle?


Makes a great trials saddle.

what kind of handle is that ?

a kh sandle handle ??

Yep KH

I know I can put handles on them, but really I don’t care much about a handle, I just want something that is comfy, something rather unlike the viscount seat I guess.

If you ride regularly so you get used to it, the viscount seat isn’t that bad. With a KH handle it becomes a really strong seat. I’d go new KH seat all the way if you have the choice as it’s got a very nice shape now, but the stock viscount was fine for 60 mile rides once I was used to it.

You can put a (cheap - like £5/$10) gel seat cover from a bike shop on it too if you want more comfort which looks nice and works for some people. Like at the bottom of the page on here. Better than messing around with laptop wrist supports or whatever.


I don’t notice the Viscount being any more or less comfortable than any other seat. I have done 30 - 50 mile days on my Coker on one, and also have a Viscount on my 20.

It’s a matter of getting the seat position right, wearing the right clothes, and accepting that unicycling is not a pain free activity.

After riding a dual density seat exclusively I now am so spoiled that even a normal KH seat feels uncomfortable rather quickly.

It looks like I will be making a gel seat out of it. I have now hollowed out all the foam, bought the gel and I’m going to drill it soon for the kh handle. I will let you all know how it turns out in the end!

just suck it up, i just did some 7 mile ride with a less than usually comfortable miyata saddle.

I know that Terry(bigwheel) turned his fusion saddle into a gel one with a gel bike seat pad like joe marshall said. it was pretty comfy, but I prefer the foam ones. It’s mostly preferance I guess.

personally, my favorite seat for distance riding is the KH/axiom, I like the fusion and and nimbus gel more for muni and trials/street though. I don’t really liek the viscount for anything except pure trials which I don’t really do. try tiliting the seat back. it might help. Or you might be able to buy some KH foam from someone on the forums and put it on.

That modified viscount saddle looks best for street than anything else. Wow.

how hard was it to put the handle on there and what all do you have to do

I would prefer a saddle with nimbus gel padding, fusion cover, and Scott wallis derial CF base more:p

i will put that handle on my viscount too

already got the 2
but its all about doing the holes on the seat base and its is done ?

Instuctions for the mod are here -