can anyone ride down stairs backwards?

im tempted to try…looks scary. i would defintely wear a helmet.

Re: can anyone ride down stairs backwards?

there’s a video around here somewhere, i’ll see if i can find it

dan heaton does it in universe 2

cool. i still havent seen that video

that guy “forget your life” doin the SOB down 10 got me thinkin…how many different ways can one ride down stairs? one footed? wheel walking? coasting?

things can get pretty crazy

Re: Re: can anyone ride down stairs backwards?

It is here. From the thread Going downstairs - backwards ?. I think it is the same clip used in U-II. There’s even a bigger set in the bonus footage and hidden section.

Coasting down stairs by Trev!


i think i saw a pic in a gallery of dustin kelm doing a 5 set backwards…

Dustin Kelm was going down stairs backwards before Dan Heaton. And I’m sure there were riders going down stairs backwards before Dustin.

Lots of stuff, like backwards down stairs, has been done before. Doesn’t make it any less impressive though just because someone wasn’t the first to have done it.

i stole the trick from Dustin Kelm and gotta say he’s the best i’ve seen doing it…


dan your my hero

Go for it! I’ve done about 5 stairs backwards which was heaps of fun. At this stage I’m too scared to try any more than about 8 backwards. The backwards stair riding in U2 and Dustin’s were both amazing.


i went off my porch backwards, and 2morrow night im going to try this little 3 stair over at this park, i think i will be able to do it, cause if im remembering right my porch is a little higher than the stairs…a 3 stair doesnt really count…but hey after i read this thread i was like hey i wonder if i could do that so i went and rode of my porch…first the porch the the world!..erm i mean 3stair


I’ve seen Mike Middleton ride down a 6 set backwards. I’ve done a 3 set, and I remember Dustin doing the 5 set at the muni weekend, that was the first time I’d seen it…