can anyone recommend a tire for me

i ride a 26er and its time for a new tire, i want something 2.7 to 3.0.any one have a recommended brand/or name. i have a $60 budget.thanks

Don’t know of any 2.7’s, but I am running the Duro Razorback 26 x 2.6 Wire Bead on my newly acquired KH Muni. It has the same tread pattern as the Duro Leopard, but the tire isn’t as heavy. I’ve only had it for 2 rides so far, but it seems good so far.

A whole thread dedicated to your question:


thanks guys, I ended up finding a high roller and a minion at a 2.5 for around 45 bucks at my LBS,I just have to decide which one I want.

High Roller is probably better, this is what comes on the KH 26.

The Minion is heavier and isn’t the best pattern for a uni; I have tried Front and Rear styles.

+1 using version (they have a HighRoller II now) on my 26" Oracle. I like it a lot but I might switch back to the 26x3 Duro now that I’ve got a 29er with a 2.4 Maxxis Ardent for XC.:wink:

The Maxxis Ardent 2.6 seems a popular choice. You’ll need a smaller tube than what’s in your Duro though - but I guess that’s true whichever tire you get.