Can anybody tell me if these parts are good?

My other wheel got messed up and i saw it as a chance for change… SO are these parts good? I would imagine the wheel to be really nice and the cranks to be decent

They are good parts. If you search the forum you’ll find plenty of info about the strength of the Nimbus hub, and the quality of the Nimbus rim (same as the '05 KH rim). I don’t know if it’s a handbuilt wheel, or if it was machine built. Machine built wheels generally need a bit of work to get maximum strength, but the parts are good.

There is a thread in the reviews section about he Nimbus Ventures. The common opinion seems to be that they are solid cranks, lighter than Moments but not as strong.

What kind of frame are you putting this stuff in? Does it have bearing holders that will fit 42mm bearings?

Solid products but many people have gotten shoddy wheelbuilds from UDC. True and tension the wheel before your first ride and periodically after that (general maintenance) and that wheel should last you years of good service.

Some people find the rim a tad narrow but unless you have ridden a wider rim you won’t know what you are missing.

good stuff, but…

thing is, once you add about about $12 shipping you’re up to $227. an entire brand new chrome nimbus /w black rim is $290 +$12 shipping (that’s what it is for me it may be a bit more)

so for like 80 more dollars you’re getting a saddle, seatpost, clamp, frame, tire, tube, rim strip, and the cranks you want.

just sayin.

I’m agreein with you man it is definitely worth it!

I would suggest going with Alex rims a DX32 with a kris holmes hum and crank. The hub in the alex Rim is great but for maximum strength convert it over to a kris holmes.