Can a beginner do flatland on a basic unicycle?

I’m new to the terminology I’ve heard it called flatland, street, trials. Not sure which one is right. I want to to the one where I flip the thing around and jump off ledges.

I read that it’s possible to do all of the flatland tricks on a regular beginner unicycle with a 20’’ wheel. Only problem is you will destroy your unicycle. Is this true? Also, as a beginner would I destroy it by learning? I won’t exactly be hopping down a flight of stairs for a while. I was thinking of picking up a cheap unicycle for $100 and learning on that, and when I’m good enough to destroy it, get one designed for flatland.

Also, I haven’t touched a unicycle for about 12 years. I was pretty good at all the basic stuff when I did ride though. Any idea on how fast I will pick it up again?

Flatland doesn’t involve jumping off things; that’s why it’s flat.
You’re talking about street. (Trials is jumping on/off things, but without tricks).

It’s easier to destroy a unicycle when you’re bad than when you’re good. Bad technique is hard on equipment. If you really intend to do street on it, you should probably start with at least an ISIS-hub unicycle like the Nimbus II with a crank upgrade.

Try searching for unicycles on They sell some surprisingly nice unicycles there for about $200. I think they only ship in the U.S. though. Where are you located?

I bought a Green Spirit 20" a year ago, and I’m happy with it. It’s a street unicycle, so it’s made for jumping off of stuff.

There’s more about these here: K1 Unicycles at