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Iam going to get a camera soon, what camera is a good one thats not to cunfusing and can put vids on the forum?

I dont know 1 thing about posting vids or pics or anything. What do i need? I heard i have to install some kind of movie maker on my computer to edit vids is this true? if so where can i get this CD? Does it come with the camera?

When its all said and done and i have some clips in the camera and a movie maker thingy installed into my computer what do i do? is there some kind of wires that i plug into the camera then into the computer to “translate” the clips into the computer video maker for editing?

Then when i have it all edited in the vid maker program how do you post it on this forum?

Try your best to answer some of these questions because im lost in this whole vid making world.


For the editing progams i just googled “programs for video editing” then i downloaded a nice simple program that can put music to the vids, slow-motion shots and add all those video effects, you can also make the green screan effect with it the one i used is called “Video edit magic 4.1” there thats one of your questions answered

If you have Windows XP it comes with Windows Movie maker, that’s an easy-to-use program, I like it.

In WMM you hook the video camera to the computer, and a window should come up that asks you if you want to upload video.

I suggest that at the splace were you finally buy said camera, that you talk with the salesperson, ask lots of questions, ‘what do I need to do this?’ etc. We bought our video camera at Best Buy and would have been lost if he hadn’t told us everything we needed to do.

having made a movie already, and working on my next, first with a panasonic, now with a sony, and having worked as a videocamera salesman at Futureshop… (getting to play with all the stuff at all price ranges)

I would recommend, at whatever pricerange you are looking at, go with the Sony.

The touch screen they have (including the zoom buttons on the flip out viewfinder) and their clearer shots in lower light settings make this a great video camera. having a touch screen menu is incredible, what a great feature.

Sony makes fantastic video cameras, handsdown.

Radical Reed, what link did you click on google? if you can remeber…

if your looking for the video edit magic 4.1 then just put “video edit magic 4.1” in the web google search

any experience with the panasonic pv-gs250? The reviews I’ve read say it’s the best in it’s class. The gs300 comes out in March and is supposed to be the next version of the same price level.

My original Panasonic was an Sg-120 (used to film TWNR) and I was quite pleased with it…although the pictures are not as clear as I was hoping…for example you can’t really make out people’s features if they are in the background. I have no experience with this particular model, realistically, any 3ccd camera is going to look nice, and they have come along way in 2 model years, and I’m sure you will be very happy with it.

The superior functionality of the Sony models have heavily biased my opinions though. the sony models also seem to offer better quality batteries, although I don’t have first hand comparrisons of them

Simple summary…if it’s 3ccd, it’s going to be a beautiful picture. I was happy with my panasonic, and I’m sure the newer versions are even better.

It’s just like unicycles…you can’t just buy ‘the best one’ :slight_smile:

a great place to further research prior to buying would be (the of the video community!)

is video edit magic free?

well it gives you a 30 day trial period then you have to buy it… or just download the trial again like me;)

a lot of people have mentioned using virtualdub which is free theres the link to video edit magic 4.1 if any one wants it, i highly recomend it
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