Camelbak anti-leak tip ...

I have 3 different Camelbak bladders–all getting up there in years–that leaked from the screw-on cap, and from talking to others found out that it’s a pretty common problem. So a couple weeks ago, I found a cheap and simple solution: teflon tape around the threads. I figured that since it works on most household plumbing repairs, it was worth a try. I’ve had probably 8 rides with it, and it’s not leaking anymore. Even if it starts up again, I’ll just reapply it–it’s like a buck for a roll of the stuff.

Anyway, thought I’d pass along the tip. It beat the 28 bucks I was about ready to shell out for a new bladder.


Once my bladder ever starts getting a little faulty around the cap, ill go and get some teflon tape. =p

does the lifetime warranty on camelbaks cover that? be worth checking…

How long have you had all you bladders?
And how often do you use them? Any actual word on how long I should excpect mine to go before I need to do this?

In my experience, camelbak has been great with warranty stuff. They’ve shipped me a new bladder.

I also had problems with a zipper and they sent me a new pack.

They’ve made a loyal customer out of me. I just recently bought a new HAWG pack for CMW.

I have hade mine for 5 years no leakes:). when you put the top on is it threded right. :smiley:

Actually, that’s been a problem–the cap often didn’t want to screw on right. But even when it finally went on correctly, it would still leak.

Thanks for the warranty suggestions–I didn’t know about the Camelbak warranty. I’ve had my camelbaks (3 for the kids, one for me) for more than 7 years each, so just figured it’d be par for the course (sorry for the non-uni sports metaphor!) that it start to get a little worn out.