camcorder for helmet. Any recommendation ?


I am looking for a camcorder for the helmet for occasional riding.
Do you recommend anyone in particular ?
I was thinking of the ContourHD:

What do you think about it ?

Thank you

I much prefer the gopro as it has tons of little add-ons including a monitor for viewing and playback. But riding a uni with a helmet cam is pretty pointless since the viewer can’t see the unicycle/unicyclist. It could just as well be a bike, a hiker, etc. The other limiting factor is that the shots are always static and angle never changes.

I’ve used the gopro bike mount a few times by getting mtbers to film me. I attach the mount to their bike with my gopro on it, and they simply follow me or vice versa. I also like using my monopod/stick cam to get good action footage while riding, or my uni-cable-cam. The main thing is to show the unicyclist riding, not just the trail unfolding in front of you. :slight_smile:

As an option:
Has a remote :slight_smile:

Tons of Reviews:

What I like about the Go Pro: Wide field of view
What I don’t like about Go Pro: Big and Bulky

What I like about Contour: Compact size, lasers for lining up the shot!!
What I dont like: Smaller relative field of view, BUT, with lasers to line up your shot, you don’t need as big a field of view :wink:

I have a Oregon Scientific ATC and my biggest complaints are small field of view, difficulty aiming the shot, difficulty starting and stooping, and bulkiness.

The ideal POV would have a laser, remote, waterproof, rechargeable, BIG FOV.

Yeah, I’m in the market too :wink:

Wow that is awesome! I love the fact that it has the built in viewer w/playback, a monopod accessory, and a built in tripod mount! The wrist worn remote is cool too! I might get one of those!

I have used the new contour ROAM camera, but not for unicycling. In general I like the camera. It is easy to mount, durable and idiot proof. The one-switch on and one switch control off is very convenient. The FOV is wider that the older Contour camera and is listed at ca. 170 for 720 HD. The highest HD FOV is back down to 135, if I recall correctly.

One limitation is that the sounds is not very good. It is made for loud sports, and it works fine for voices and loud noises, but do not expect surround sound. My impression is that the sound is limited for all of these small video cameras including gopro.


I own a contour full HD thing and I have found that it works quite well for POV unicycle stuff. It’s easier to use than the gopro as long as you don’t need to change between more than two different quality settings frequently. Here a quick video that I shot soon after I got it, using the underseat mount that I made.

If you do get one, take care with where and how you mount it, the mounting can’t take big impacts and I managed to break the mounting mechanism.

But since your going to have it on your helmet it shouldn’t be a problem.

The contour has good battery life and the lasers make it really easy to set up the shot

Drift HD Action Camera

Some other things to note:
This is the current model, so it now has the equivallent FOV as the GoPro, lithium rechargeable battery with optional plug in long life battery pack, and a 32 gig card capacity.
The single screw for tripod mount, works on many standard single screw mounts
Burst and single still mode to 9mp
Water Resistant with optional waterproof case
And dig that screen!

Sensor type: CMOS
Water Resistant
Video resolution: 1080p, 720p & WVGA
Video format: H.264
File format: .MOV
25 / 30 / 50 / 60fps in 720p or 25 / 30fps in 1080p
Video format: 16:9
Lens Rotation: 300°
Recording Angles: 170° in 1080p, 720p & WVGA
White balance: Auto
Exposure: Auto / Manual (advanced users)
Zoom: Digital x4 (in 720p/30/60fps & WVGA mode)
Remote range: 5m range Built-in Microphone
Inputs: Optional External Microphone
AV Output: HDTV out (HDMI cable not included)
Battery: 1110mAh rechargeable lithium-ion Power-Save option saves batteries by powering down the screen
microSD memory capacity: Supports memory cards up to 32 GB
Photo resolution: 9 Megapixel
LCD screen: 1.5″ colour TFT Lens focal range: 0.5m to infinity
Dimensions: Camera – 4.1 inches or 104.14 mm (L) x 50 (D) x 33 (W) mm / Remote Control 52 (L) x 40 (W) x 13 (D) mm
Power: Camera – DC 3.7V / Remote control: DC 3C, 1x CR2032 battery (included)
RF: Receiver (Camera): 433.92MHz ISM band / Transmitter (Remote): 433.92MHz ISM band
Weight: Camera - 4.23 oz. or 119.91g / Remote control – 19g
Operating Systems: Compatible with Windows 7, XP & Vista; Mac OS 10.7

I’m a GoPro guy. Always will be.

That drift looks nice, how much does it cost compared to the others?

I have the hd gopro and for the money it takes great video (you should be able to find one with attachments for about 220USD if you scour online). The wide angle is nice since it’s very forgiving as far as aiming it goes, however I find that it really distorts the height of everything and tends to make things look easier than they are. Also performance can be a bit hit or miss in low light conditions. The timed still shot feature is pretty neat, I’ve used it to put together some time lapses.

If you’re interested in seeing some video taken with it almost everything on my channel was filmed with it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

How easy / difficult would be to attach the Drift camera into the helmet and/or under the seat ?
Thank you.

The GoPro has seen it’s better days, time to give up the “hype” and look at the competition :smiley:

If you go to their website you can see a bunch of mounting options.

The cool thiing about the Drift is you can use and/or fab a mount really easy with the threaded mono mount.

The Drift has everything that the GoPro has and more, all in a smaller package.

You can download an applicaton from wich allows you to configure your camera. Quote:

Audio: With a slide switch you can adjust the sensitivity of the camera’s microphone to adapt to high or low wind scenes.

Just tried to adjust the microphone to maximum sensitivity. Sound is better, but still low.

I have adjusted the volume setting. The sounds is louder, but the quality is not that great.

Again, I am not aware of any of these wearable cameras having good sound.


Thanks for the help.
Finally I bought the Drift HD170 Stealth and I’m very happy with it. Today I rode a ~3 hours tour around San Francisco and the camera worked great.