Cambuni 2019: The Cambodia Unicycle Tour

Our next unitour will be in one of my favourite countries, Cambodia! I unicycled from Vietnam to Cambodia as part of a charity cycle tour in 2004, which is where I first met Jason Williams, just before he went on to start Grasshopper Adventures. Since then, we have organised tours through Laos, Vietnam, India, Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan and Nepal. After a 4yr break from unicyclists, Jason is back to lead our next tour!

The tour will start in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Siem Reap/Angkor, where you get to unicycle amongst thousand year old remnants of the Khmer empire. We ride through the Cambodian countryside, visiting more recent parts of Cambodia history, including the sobering site of Choeung Ek (The Killing Fields). From there we unicycle to the coastal retreat of Kep/Rabbit Island, and finish off the tour in Kirirom National Park.

For more details go to the Cambuni Unitour page

Hi all,

Just a reminder about the Cambodia Unicycle Tour. We have opened registrations so if you are interested please get in touch!


Just a reminder that our early bird registration for the Cambodia Unitour ends on 1 June. We’re trying to finalise our support vehicles/crew and hotel bookings.

Let me know if you are interested even if you can’t meet the early registration date.

There is more information about the tour available on: