Ok guys, I was going to do a callout with Christian Huriwai but due to some of his camera problems, it’s not going to happen. No problem at all, but I really like the idea of me responding to a callout. Does anybody else want to call me out? This is open to any rider around the world, but the video needs to be good. I have a pretty much finished video with a lot of street stuff and I don’t want to release it without a callout… so… anybody wanna call me out? thanks.

pat, eli, adrien, rahpi those are my suggestions :smiley:

can’t wait for the vid forrest

Ya dude I really think it’d be cool to make this international. If Adrien or any of the Pohams want to… just let me know.

Thanks Kartchmoney.

Oh and if anyone wants to somehow post this on the French forums, that’d be awesome.

I’ll call you out:)
Don’t feel bad if I win though.

OMFG I would have loved to see a callout with Chris H. U guys are hardcore!


Lorenz and me are going to do a videro together;) we already started to film and to edit :roll_eyes: … would be nice

I think I’ll pass on this one Kevin;) I’m not at that level yet.

aight man sounds good if thats what you wanna do. about how long will it take yall?

This might work. how long till your vid will be out?

I think you should just put out your vid calling out Adrien. He doesn’t have to agree to it, but I’d doubt he’d back down.

haha… thats a good idea. I might do that if thats my best option. i just don’t wanna get creamed too bad though haha.

lol yea, it seems he would have the advantage if you called him out. Because if you land something amazing he could be like well ill land something more amazing.

:open_mouth: just release the video? :stuck_out_tongue: cant wait…will be so so awesome. or call out adrien! but there should be some way that you both dont get to see each others videos before they are finished and post them at the same time so that you dont see the contents :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an awesome idea. Like a blind callout. Except we won’t see his vid (which is practically done) until Adriens is released, which might be over a few weeks.

Well, I haven’t got a reply from Adrien, and I don’t wanna call him out unless he knows about it. So right now I’m thinking about just finishing and releasing the vid, unless the Pohams still want in. Are you guys still up for Raphi?