Calling MN riders(and anyone else whose in the area)!

Hey whats up guys!

so I’ve seen seen a some riders from MN around the forums and thought I’d announce an event that TCUC/me/Alex Zeller are hosting. SO the details are below…its taken from a email that alex sent to the club. Hope to see and meet some new dudes out there so let me know if you’ve got any questions

“Hey every one this is Alex Zeller letting you know that Jon Atwell and I are hosting TCUC’s 2nd annual street/muni day. it will be held on October 11 at 11:00 to 6:00 bring some food to share and make sure you bring shin or knee pads, helmet and gloves or you will not be able to participate. Location - 1773 Alameda St, Roseville. If you have any questions please call Zeller’s at 651.489.1825.”

jon A

sweet, i’ll see if i can make it. If nothing else, just to spectate and film.

Sounds wicked jon.

I’ll talk to my parents about it.

late edit:

do you have pictures of the area that will be ridden street wise? or pictures of the muni?

what is there to ride for street in that location, and what kind of muni?

Hey … sounds fun. I plan on coming to ride and fall. Those are the trails that I have been MUni riding on … lots of fun.

I gotta go to a funeral on the eleventh. Dang.

to hell with the funeral, try and skip out or something. Make an appearance, then leave.

edit: sorry for your loss.


dude its gonna be cool. I’m a little sick right now, like cough and stuff, but i should be up for it tomorrow definitely. I got all my camera stuff packed, my uni gear packed.

Tomorrow morning were gonna stop at our bakery and pick up a few dozen donuts i think.

woop woop, cant wait! :smiley:

once again, epicly stoked.

just eating breakfast, gonna leave really soon. We might get there a little tiny bit late, but whatev. I’ll try and be there as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Dang I wish I lived around you guys right now. This sounds so much fun. O well, enjoy It!

I’m on my way guys.


that was crazy fun. I got a lot of footy, tomorrow i edit it, which will take like 10 hours.

got the vid done and such, posted it in another forum, here it is so it gets more publicity (publicity for the people i know that are looking for it)

Ok if this happens again next year I am coming

I just need to get a little better:)

ahahaha… No offence to some people there, but dude you’d probably be godly compared to certain people.

I’m fairly sure they’re planning one for next year though.

Hey Unreal-Wheel, you going to Mondo Jugglefest in Feb?

To be honest I don’t even know what Mondo is…

EDIT: I have a question, in Jon’s post it says bring a helmet or you won’t be able to participate, yet in the video he isn’t wearing one


its pretty cool, its a big huge gym with a bunch of unicyclists and jugglers, and jon, matt, and alex too lol. I’ll be coming on the saturday. I more consider it a place to just meet people, since they dont set up trials courses or anything (the people who own the gym actually wont let them set up anything trials wise).

at certain points he is lol. I didnt shoot video of the times people were telling him to wear one, or when he didnt have one doing flat lol. (the rule was, you needed gear on the obstacles, even though i saw jon fall hard doing flat lol). He should have been wearing one, and he did at certain points, but he wasnt in a few shots.

shhh :wink: haha

Ohhh Jon, I’m sad I missed this and your sexy body. I can’t wait 'til Mondo!!!