Calling Midwest Cokerheads

Every February around 2,000 bicyclists bear the cold of an Iowa winter day and ride 23 miles from Perry to Rippey and back.

Last year, Muni Militia leader Joe “Mojoe” Kisley rode the route on a 24" muni. He generated quite a stir and managed to get his picture in the Des Moines Register.

I’d like to get a group of Cokerheads together for this years ride which takes place on Saturday, February 1st. Right now the list of prospective riders looks like this:

  • Joe Kisley
  • George Barnes IV
  • Aaron Parker
  • Jesse Shumaker
  • as of yet undecided member of the Iowa State Unicycle club #1
  • as of yet undecided member of the Iowa State Unicycle club #2

For more information and the registration form, see:


maybe if it was one way, I dont think I can stay on for 50 miles…

The total ride is only 23 miles long, not 23 miles each way.

In that case I may be intrested in coming down from the cities. ill let you know.

What kind of average speed do you Cokerheads expect to achieve over the 23 miles?

My comfortable cruising speed is 11-12 mph on the Coker. George and Aaron can ride faster though, trust me.


The average temperature on Feb 1st is 29 degrees. I’m not sure how bib overalls and the like will affect our average speeds, but I think 10+ mph is a reasonable goal.

Anyone out there with cold weather Coker experience have any clothing suggestions?

Count me in! That would be great to see a whole pack of us riding cokers out there. I’m sure it will be a big hit.

Perry seems like a long ways from Mitchell, SD–but I’m very interested. Are there any other crazies from South Dakota who would like to car-pool?

Maybe the Marsh sisters?