Calling all Grand Rapids area unicyclists!

I want to start a unicycle club in the area and wondered if there are people who would be interested. Nothing is concrete yet but it would be realy cool to go down town and do some street/trials stuff. It would also be neat to learn new tricks from other people.
So far there’s Me, 50 Percent and annother couple of friends of mine interested.

P.S. You wanna join, Habbywall? I want to try out your coker (lol).

i’m in!!!

oh, wait, my names already up there :roll_eyes:

I will go, if I am ever in the Grand Rapids Area. But That’s about an hour and a half away from me. Maybe this summer I will coker up there though, well see.

I also would like to hook up and go riding with you guys, its quite a drive but I do have 4 concrete riders that could come with depending 0n were you guy’s want to meet up. Also let me know if you guy’s are ever in the K-zoo area I’m up there often to ride Ft. Cust. and street ride Western Mich. Univ.

You live by fort custer?? Lucky! that is the coolest place!

that would be awsome for muni!!!


i wish i had a muni :frowning:

I’m in. But you already know that Josh.

Tha’d by kewl. I live in Negaune MI, kinda far from Grand Rapids, so if you guys ever to to Marquette Mtn. or anywhere like that to go ride or sumthing let me know. PM me or sumthing and Ill be there for sure.

this is Avery. i’ll join, but i gotta get better

Hey Avery! Like your username! But you copied David’s avatar.

i just changed my avatar. haha

(_/) work for the bunny he will help u
O o

The bunny, the bunny WOAH i ate the bunny…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Justin here, I’ll join but my uni isn’t exactly meant for trials stuff. Im not that good yet either

I am related to millerir and allskrewedup. :slight_smile:

hey, im brand new to this cite but i go to GV, freshman, and i have my uni here. dont know who else rides so i havent been. im not that grade but i love to coker.

Hey everyone. You are all invited to join the facebook Grand Rapids Unicyclist Club. Once it has enough members, there will be awesome events. We might even do competitions!