Calling all girl unicyclists!! :p

How long d you ride?

I’ve been riding for about 8 years. I’m in a love-hate relationship with distance riding - I hate the expense of time + travelling back but I love getting from point to point alone and cycling off before people stop, stare and start with their questions.

Hi I’m Jess and I currently ride a 20 and enjoy freestyle mostly but want to get into distance and maybe some muni too eventually

2 years :slight_smile:

Cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 49 and I’ve been riding a unicycle since I was 16. I took off a few years when I had my kids.

I mainly ride around the neighborhood, I’m not up to learning jumps or such, the thought of injury is more daunting now. I used to ride over curbs and steps one at a time. Now I’m lucky to make it around a corner on the sidewalk.

I’m more of an old lady also, but I started as a girl. People mistake me for a kid when I’m out riding, unless they notice the white hair.

Great to know I’m not the only old lady unicycle rider.


Hey all!

My name’s Jenni, I’m 23, and I started unicycling about 6 months ago. I’m working on learning trials/flatland skills now and eventually hope to get comfortable enough to try some street. It’ll probably be awhile, though. ;D

I’m Kimmie, 38, and really need to make more time learning how to ride. I have a KH20 Trails and a KH26 with geared wheel. I also have a 24" trainer that is perfect for banging up while learning. :slight_smile:

Come on, do not think and speak of yourself as an old lady - you are not even 50 years old! :roll_eyes: What’s the problem?

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Thanks Sanne,

Well, when I wrote the post, I had quite sore muscles from a long trek to campus where I work.

Today, not so bad, and my new unicycle should arrive tomorrow. I ordered an 18" because I’m only 5 feet tall. (It was a little less expensive too). So, I hope I will be able to ride more. My old Schwinn is quite heavy and the seat is all banged up. I rode around the block last night and I felt like I was almost back to my earlier days abilities. I hope the new saddle/seat is more comfortable.

I would like to learn to idle so I’ve tried a bit. I’ve read through the posts talking about idling. Not really looking forward to the falls and bruises from the pedals. I am wearing a helmet these days. Hides the white hair :slight_smile:


Howdee lg318ww welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m only 5’2’’ but I manage okay on a 20’’ and a 24’’ and a 26’’, oh and just about on a 29’’ ( though I have 125 cranks).

Congrats on getting your new uni (UCNHTMU’s) (2nd time I’ve posted that today…I must get out more :frowning: )

My helmet hides my grey hair, but I’ve got some of Mr Holm’s spiffy Knee pads. They gives me the extra confidence to try that bit harder. (now, that last bit sounds like an ad for tampons LOL )

I’ve also got wrist guards. Aswell as protecting your wrists and hands when you fall off, they also protect your fingers when you keep grabbing the front of the seat.


I’m also only 5’2" and I have had everything from a 19" to 36" currently my biggest is 26" and 29" of course I’ve had to alter frame for the large 36er wheel. It is more of a challenge being shorter (people really don’t get it) but it’s doable.
I hope you enjoy your new uni, share a picture if you want once you get it.
Welcome and best of luck in your riding. It’s nice to see some women riding. I’d enjoy having a peer around me to ride with but there is no one :frowning: but it’s still fun.

Fine explanation - :slight_smile:

Nice! Congratulations with your new uni - and happy riding!

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  • who soon will leave home to go to Unicon in Italy :wink:

I never knew anyone else that rode unicycle until lately. Everyone I know that rides unicycle around here is either in math or science as a day job.

So, as a girl, in math & computers, riding unicycle is another way to stand out in a crowd. Do you ride because you like a challenge, thus like math and science?

Is there a correlation?

My daughter is a math major, and three of her friends (all male) ride unicycle at her university (also math majors).

So, are you into math or science? I teach math.

I am big into science!

I love science, but for me it was the fact that a uni is harder work than a bike, burns more calories, and will get me in shape faster. The fact that they look so cool is icing on the cake for me. :slight_smile:


Hmm…good question. I’m 6’ tall, so I already stand out in the crowd, but unicycling definitely makes me stand out even more.

I am also in the “math and science” category–civil engineering. I never thought about there being a correlation between women/science and tendency for unicycling. My undergrad had a large unicycling population, but I didn’t pick it up until after. Two sides of the sport appeal to me: 1) it’s a loner sport, and 2) you’re not just training to get stronger, you are always fighting gravity. Makes it much more obvious when you do something you’ve never done before. ;D

Well, the 18" is going back. Too small. :frowning: It didn’t seem to bad other than I needed a taller inseam height.

So, can you put a different saddle on a Schwinn? I know that the post has holes for spacing rather than an infinitely adjustable but I haven’t checked the saddle.

Since I’m not a serious trial or trail rider, I don’t know if it is worth getting something else at this point.

It is way too hot to do anything outside today. Heat is 98F and everything here is turning brown and crispy. I wish it would rain. Hey UK send the rain here! We have had one small rain since before June 10.

Sorry the 18" wasn’t right for you.

I’d suggest calling and ask them about what seat is a good substitute for the Schwinn. I’m sure they can suggest a good alternative.

If you are on the fence about what type of riding you want to do as you said maybe sticking with your own for a while is best. Is your Schwinn a 20" wheel, you can go up in size if you want a larger wheel.

I am 5’2" and can ride a 24" I had to cut the seat post to be able to ride.
I took a pipe cutter and cut enough to adjust to my height giving myself a little room to move the seat both up and down.

I feel your pain, it was 98 here today too, tough weather.