Calling all girl unicyclists!! :p

I know of a feeeeeew female unicyclists, and i would like to see how many are out there (or at least, how many use the forums) :stuck_out_tongue: also itd be cool to see what style you ride :slight_smile:

soooooooo… im sam and i ride street/flat :slight_smile:

I’m female, but I’m way old compared to you. My name is Heather (M-Balmer). I teach science. I ride road and Muni. I love to watch the freestyle stuff, but I’m too old to risk that kind of injury.

I´m Nadine an prefer muni and road :slight_smile:

Another “girl” …working on riding my first mile without a dismount.
Martha (57UniRider)

my girlfriend is in the process of learning so not rely got a style as of yet.

there are a lot more female unicyclists than there are female jugglers ; ) trust me on this.

I’m also a girl, my favs are trials and downhill :slight_smile:

An older girl…I prefer road, then muni my name is Mary jane my friends call me Mj

Hi, I’m Casie! I’m learning freestyle right now :slight_smile:

Hmmmm I don’t know about that… but lets save that for a different thread :slight_smile:

Unicycle forum = lousy place to meet women…
For those of you that are here, hello. Glad you made it.

Lets leave this thread for the girls I think.

I’m Laura and i’m trying street :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I ride muni and distance on a 29er.

An old lady more than a girl but…

I’m Joy and I’m working on trying to get more comfortable for increasing distance. Bones are too precious for tricks :slight_smile: , but I would like to be able to ride some mild muni and ride around the neighborhood. I have a 24" Nimbus muni.

awesome :slight_smile:

laura, how long have you been riding?

My youngest is 14 and really wants to learn to ride. I haven’t had a ride in several years, but have new LX Pro arriving Wednesday. We are going to be spending some quality time together getting her going.

I’ve shown her the Team Impact video with the female freestyle rider who is tearing it up.

When I showed her pictures of various types of Uni’s she only got excited at the trials types. Run of the mill street rides did nothing for her. I’m not surprised at this, as she has stated that she wants a jacked up red 4x4 truck, when she gets old enough to drive. It must be red!

Stuff like this made her happy

There used to be a girls only OTG game. Most of them haven’t posted much lately though.

2 years ago i just learned how to ride and stuff but then i quit for a while and 2 months ago i began with a little bit of street :slight_smile:

nice nice :slight_smile: